About Us
SheGetsDressed is an organization that is dedicated to making every woman, young lady, and baby girl feel beautiful, confident, and fabulous!
We offer personal styling tips for every day life and special occasions.  We offer services as complex as a complete wardrobe overhaul, or as simple as choosing the perfect attire and becoming your very own personal shopper for special occasions such as:
...and much more!

How This Works

As our client, you will be afforded the freedom to express how you want to dress by allowing us to first get to know you and your style. We follow the process below for each individual:
Initial consultation is scheduled to allow us the opportunity to get to know you and your personal style. We encourage you to look at magazines and use the internet to research different styles that best suit your personality and preference.  Consultation is FREE with a signed contract of services for next steps.  Without moving forward by signing a contract and scheduling, the consultation fee is $50.
Your next step will be determined by the services you'd like to receive.  Those services include Personal Stylist, Shopping, Make-Overs, etc.  Our fees range from $75 - $150 per hour, depending on the services required, unless otherwise advertized.  Each contract is individualized for every person.  We realize everyone has different, specific needs!
SheGetsDressed covers all of Western North Carolina and surrounding counties in South Carolina and Tennessee.